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The International Association for GSO


The International Association for Guided Self-Organization (TIA-GSO) is dedicated to promoting scientific research and education related to GSO, including organization of the International Workshops on GSO, inviting keynote speakers, publishing special issues in scientific journals, coordinating research across several international GSO nodes, supporting visits of GSO researchers between the nodes, providing a repository of selected GSO publications, disseminating information on new positions and events, and maintaining web sites related to GSO.

The International Workshops on GSO are the Association's official scientific gatherings. From 2016 the Workshops become biannual events.

Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee of the Association is established in February 2015, comprising


The central node for TIA-GSO is hosted by the Research Cluster on Complex Systems (Faculty of Engineering and IT, The University of Sydney, Australia). 

Please contact Mikhail Prokopenko for further information.