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GSO 4: Travel Directions

1 Disclaimer

The travel information given below is for convenience only and based on past information and can unfortunately offer no guarantee for correctness, completeness or timeliness. Times, coach numbers and connections are all subject to changes. Please make sure you obtain the newest information from the web, your travel agent or from the information desks at the airport at your arrival. Names of bus companies/hotels are given for purposes of information only and are not to be understood as official endorsements.

2 Travel Directions

If you arrive by flying, we recommend Luton, Stansted or Heathrow airports, but also Gatwick airport is moderately convenient. London City airport is inconvenient for traveling to Hatfield as you have to travel through London first with a number of changes and we do not recommend it for the travel to GSO.

2.1 Venue

The GSO workshop takes place at the

  • University of Hertfordshire
  • College Lane Campus (not de Havilland Campus)
  • Lindop Building
  • Room A166

2.2 From Stansted Airport

Take National Express line 737 from Stansted to Oxford or 717 from Stansted to Heathrow/Gatwick via Hatfield (a change of coach numbers as well as the designated route is not unheard of, so please confirm with the ticket office at the airport and the driver which coach stops at Hatfield).

Alight at Hatfield, the Galleria (shopping mall). This is the first stop of the bus after leaving Stansted. If traffic is flowing, the travel takes about 45 mins.

The line number may vary, so please inquire at the ticket desk (located at the central coach station in Stansted) which bus will take you to Hatfield.

2.3 From Heathrow Airport

Take National Express (not Green Line) line 797 (or 717) from Heathrow via Hatfield and alight at Hatfield, the Galleria (shopping mall).

This is the first stop of the bus after leaving Heathrow. Again, please enquire at the airport which is the appropriate bus line, as these may change. Travel duration at flowing traffic is around 55-60 mins.

Alternatively, you can take the "Green Line" bus line 724 from Heathrow to Hatfield, however this bus takes 2 hours and has many intermediate stops.

If for some reason, coaches are not available, another route would be via London, traveling via Piccadilly line or Heathrow Express through London to Kings Cross then taking the train from Kings Cross to Hatfield. This will usually work until late, however, the coach route is simpler and does not require changing and we recommend it if coaches are available.

2.4 From Gatwick Airport

Of the airports listed here Take the train from Gatwick Airport to St. Albans (Thameslink usually has direct trains through London). From the train station in St. Albans, the local bus lines 602, 300 and 301 will travel to Hatfield, the Galleria. Line 602 will continue to College Lane campus. Please note that the advertised bus times are not reliable and buses can be late. The train ride from Gatwick to St. Albans is around 1:20 hrs (direct) if Thameslink through London is active, and the subsequent bus ride is around 25 mins.

A taxi ride from St. Albans train station to the College Lane Campus during the day will be around 12-14 GBP.

2.5 From Luton Airport

Take a National Express coach from Luton to Hatfield, the Galleria. Alternatively, take the Luton airport shuttle bus from the airport to the train station, then the train to St. Albans train station. From there, proceed as in From Gatwick Airport. The coach ride is around 30-40 mins if traffic is flowing.

Also, Luton is not too far from Hatfield, and a taxi may be an option. A taxi ride to Hatfield is around 30-33 GBP during the day. However, the Luton airport taxi drivers are usually not familiar with Hatfield, so please make sure before the ride that they can find your target destination in Hatfield (e.g. via GPS).

2.6 From London City Airport

Please obtain local information how to reach Kings Cross station and then proceed as described in From London.

2.7 From London

From Kings Cross, there are on average 4 direct trains to Hatfield per hour during the day. In particular the express trains, twice an hour, need ~25 minutes to Hatfield train station.

At Hatfield station (stop B), the bus lines 602 and 603 both connect directly to College Lane Campus and the Galleria (please ask the driver to ensure that you take the right direction). In the evenings, there are fewer trains and there may be railworks/rail replacement services later at night.

A taxi ride from the train station to College Lane Campus may be around 5-8 GBP during the day, depending on company and pickup modality.

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2.8 Other Routes

If you arrive from another location, esp. UK, or by car, please consult your local travel agent/route planner.

3 Hotels

There are a number of hotels in Hatfield. Probably the most convenient for GSO are

This is located just opposite the Galleria coach stop and around 20 minutes walk or a short bus ride (e.g. line 602 towards Hatfield Town) from College Lane campus and is close to the Galleria and other shops.

  • Mercure Oak Hotel

    This is located around 10 minutes away from the venue, is however further away from shopping and other amenities.

  • Beales Hotel

    A more upscale hotel, like Ramada Jarvis opposite the Galleria.

Further hotels and bed and breakfasts are available in Hatfield, or there is a selection of fine hotels in the charming nearby town of St. Albans, but this requires a ~25 min bus ride to Hatfield.