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Thursday, Sept. 8 Friday, Sept. 9 Saturday, Sept. 10
9:00 am Daniel Polani
Welcome and Introduction
Hiroki Sayama
Guiding Designs of Self-Organizing
9:10 am Katie Bentley
Agent based modelling in symbiosis with biological experimentation: making meaningful insights in the morphogenesis of blood vessels
Chrystopher Nehaniv
Hierarchical Coordinate Systems on Symmetry Structures and Automata
Swarms: Interactive and Automated Approaches
10:00 am Ashish Umre
Information Foraging Dynamics: Self-Organisation in Distributed Systems
Michael Herrmann
The Control Illusion in Synergist Art
Christoph Salge
Digested Information: From Information-Theoretic Behaviour Generation towards Agent-Agent Interaction
10:30 am Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 am Frank Hesse
Self-Organization - Guided and Guiding
Mikail Rubinov
Directed information transfer in neuronal networks at criticality
David Balduzzi
Constructing a spiking currency: constrained utility optimization via wake-sleep STDP
11:30 am Poramate Manoonpong
A Combinatorial Learning Model Using Correlation-Based and Reward-Based Learning for Efficient Control Policy Development: Acquisition of Goal-Directed Behavior
Simón Bize
Self-Organizing Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
Sander van Dijk
Goal information parsimony gives rise to subgoals, least-commitment and hidden intentions
12:00 pm Lunch (self-organized) Lunch (self-organized) Lunch (self-organized)
2:00 pm Naftali Tishby
The value of future-information - the missing piece in reinforcement learning
Andrew Adamatzky
Physarum machines: slime mould solving computational geometry and optimisation problems
Karl Friston
Active inference and action observation
3:00 pm Terry Bossomaier
Identifying Phase Transitions in Cognition and Society
Georg Martius
Scaling of Guided Self-Organized Behavior
3:30 pm Coffee Break Coffee Break
4:00 pm Oliver Obst
Self-Organisation in Recurrent Neural Networks using Transfer Entropy
Tobias Jung
Empowerment for continuous agent-environment systems
4:30 pm Spotlights (optional)
Spotlights (optional)
5:20 pm Dinner (self-organized) Dinner (self-organized)

Note that talk lengths vary.