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Eighth International Workshop on
Guided Self-Organization

The 8th International Workshop on Guided Self-Organization is a satellite Workshop at the The Fifteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. ALIFE XV takes place in Cancun, Mexico, 4 to 8 July 2016 at the International Convention Center (CANCUN ICC).

GSO-2016 is organized by The International Association for Guided Self-Organization (TIA-GSO).

Research Aims and Topics

The goal of Guided Self-Organization (GSO) is to leverage the strengths of self-organization (simplicity, parallelization, adaptability, robustness, scalability) while still being able to direct the outcome of the self-organizing process. GSO typically has the following features: (i) an increase in organization (structure and/or functionality) over some time; (ii) the local interactions are not explicitly guided by any external agent; (iii) task-independent objectives are combined with task-dependent constraints.

Of central interest are well-founded general methods for characterizing such systems in a principled way with the view of ultimately allowing them to be guided toward pre-specified goals. Information theory, nonlinear dynamics and graph theory are core to many of these methods, and quantifying complexity, its sources and effects is a common theme.

The GSO Workshop will bring together invited experts and researchers in self-organizing systems, with particular emphasis on the information- and network-theoretic foundations of GSO and the information dynamics of adaptive systems.

The following topics are of special interest: information-theoretic measures of complexity, nonlinear dynamics, complex networks, information-driven self-organization (IDSO), applications of GSO to complex networks, distributed computation, machine learning, swarm intelligence, bio-inspired systems, computational neuroscience, systems biology, cooperative and modular robotics, etc.


The workshop program will include 1 full day of presentations, with two or three keynote talks (1 hour each), and up to 8 scheduled presentations (30 minutes or more, depending upon the number of accepted talks).

Submissions to the workshop are extended abstracts (one page). Authors of accepted submissions will present the content to the workshop. We expect that selected papers of GSO-2016 will be published in a special issue (research topic) of Frontiers of Robotics and AI, or Artificial Life journals.

Selected papers of GSO-2008 were published by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Journal, in the Special Issue on Guided Self-Organization (full text papers online here). A special issue of Theory in Biosciences followed with selected papers from GSO-2009 online. Selected papers from GSO-2010 and GSO-2011 were published in a topical issue of Advances in Complex Systems.

A Springer book "Guided Self-Organization: Inception",  M. Prokopenko (ed.), 2014, was published following GSO-2012.

A Research Topic at the Computational Intelligence Section of Frontiers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Theory and Applications of Guided Self-Organisation in Real and Synthetic Dynamical Systems, presents selected papers of GSO-2014.