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Call For Papers

A CfP will follow the Workshop. We expect that selected papers of GSO-2016 will be published in a special issue of Artificial Life journal.

Typically, an article in our special issue will average about 15 pages. The Author's Instructions can be found here.

Selected papers of GSO-2008 were published by the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Journal, in the Special Issue on Guided Self-Organization (full text papers online here). A special issue of Theory in Biosciences followed with selected papers from GSO-2009 online. Selected papers from GSO-2010 and GSO-2011 were published in a topical issue of Advances in Complex Systems.

A Springer book "Guided Self-Organization: Inception",  M. Prokopenko (ed.), 2014, was published following GSO-2012.

A Research Topic at the Computational Intelligence Section of Frontiers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Theory and Applications of Guided Self-Organisation in Real and Synthetic Dynamical Systems, presents selected papers of GSO-2014.